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Virtual Learners Aftercare

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Learning Online

Welcome to Virtual Learners Aftercare. Our primary goal is to create a safe and engaging online place for children to learn, bond and socialize!


"We really appreciate how kind and warm you are with the kids and would love the chance to keep you in our world​"

Our Background

Virtual Learners Aftercare

In the height of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many children's programs were forced to adapt to an online format to ensure the safety of the staff and kids. In March of last year, my aftercare program that I coordinated at a school in Southern California was cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a rocky time where schools, businesses, and extracurricular activities were having to adapt and overcome the challenges that the world was and still is facing. Over the summer I was a part of a summer camp that was completely online. Being a part of making this drastic transition of platform was extremely eye opening to me. While many people struggle to use the online platform as a way to educate and aid children in their learning, I saw it as a brand new opportunity that has yet to be explored to its fullest. After extensive hours preparing for teaching my summer course and being with the children everyday, I had the confidence that I could take my aftercare program online and continue to better children's education and give opportunities to bond and socialize in such unprecedented circumstances. This online format allows children to get to know others from across the country; whereas, in standard after school programs, it is limited to their classmates and/or schoolmates. Also, I have witnessed firsthand that having an engaging and active classroom, such as Virtual Learners Aftercare does, creates a safe and comfortable environment that promotes learning and leaves the children wanting to come back the next day for class. I am excited to continue to grow this program and aid in the education of children from all over the country. 


Offered Programs

Everything Your Child Needs

1:1 Class

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Does your child need a little extra help with a certain subject? Do you need some extra childcare on top of the group sessions? Does your child have a big test coming up? 1:1 tutoring is the way to go then! With this program your child can have 1:1 time with Ms. Chloe to focus on a particular subject or project. 

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Group Sessions

Do you need extended child care after the school day has finished? Would your child benefit from an educational environment where they can complete their homework with their peers? Is your child craving social interaction with other children during the COVID-19 quarantine? Group Sessions is the program for you! Group Sessions offer kids a safe and fun space to complete their homework as well as participate in fun educational actives with their peers from all over the country.

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